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“Nothing I’m about to recommend impinges on the Second Amendment”


Well, Joe Mr. President Biden (that was the format he used to thank Vice-President Harris as he took the stand), I am glad to hear nothing “impinges” on the second amendment.

Unfortunately impinge means to intrude into an area, in firearms impinge usually refers to a firearms gas system. Where the gas intrudes into the bolt and moves it.

The word you’re looking for is infringe upon. Infringe; the action of limiting or undermining something. Shall not be infringed. These actions absolutely do that.

But I’m sure the speech will get better and we will hear a balanced, informative, and well reasoned approach to combating violence in our nation… right?

“But no amendment to the Constitution is absolute … From the very beginning, you couldn’t own any weapon you wanted to own. From the very beginning, the Second Amendment existed certain people weren’t allowed to have weapons. So the idea is just bizarre to suggest that some of the things we’re recommending are contrary to the Constitution.”

Hit play and listen to it.. The 3:00 minute mark roughly… after the clumsy “Fire in a crowded theater” analogy that is as tired and worn out as can be imagined, he said you “couldn’t own any weapons you wanted to own.” Did we forget that the colonists had private cannon and Privateer ships!? Those were privately held. So what weren’t you allowed to own, Mr. President? Stuff that had not been invented yet?

It is not bizarre in the least to suggest that some of the things you’re recommending are infringing upon the constitution.

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The State(s) of Constitutional Carry


With the recent addition of Iowa to the list, nineteen of the United States recognize their citizens constitutional right to keep and to bear arms, to protect themselves and their community. They see that right as inherent in their residency within the state, barring no prohibiting criteria such as being a minor, a felon, or otherwise adjudicated a prohibited person.

This is the state the Second Amendment should exist in, a trust of the state that their free citizenry can and will exercise their good judgement in the carry of their personal weapons. And, that should they not do so they will be subject to appropriate penalties for failing to use their firearm in a safe and responsible manner.

That’s it. That should be the agreement. With 38% of the nation going to permitless carry and no permitting or registration beyond the NICS check at purchase, if it were a serious problem we should have seen it at this point. But the facts of the matter are that crime and violence continue to be driven by their own common factors, those of motivation and profitability, and that the amount of firearm prohibition has little influence on motivation or criminal profitability.

California and Illinois lead the nation is so titled “mass shootings” and they both have very restrictive firearms policies. No single prohibition nor collection of prohibitions has curbed the homicide rate nor has it prevented a ‘mass shooting’ in any of these locations. Even using the more restrictive definition under MAPS, California continues to rank as a location for these attacks. It is common for the state to blame its neighbors but that simply holds no water and stinks of laziness on the part of politicos looking to score points, not solve problems.

I am hoping we will see the Constitutional Carry trend continue, as well as see (someday) universal reciprocity at the federal level. Hell, I would even “compromise” on UBC’s if we got national reciprocity and national shall issue carry requirements that didn’t undercut state level constitutional carry.

You know… an actual compromise. Where gun owners would receive a net benefit instead of simply being bludgeoned with a misplaced and ill reasoned morality claim.

However, they would never offer us something that improved the exercise of our rights… that’s just silly. Especially with the current federal administration and their active hostility toward 2A rights outside their limited and weak view of them.

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“Biden stimulus checks spark historic surge in gun sales, especially AR-15s”


I’m so proud of all of you…

The Washington Examiner is reporting:

For the second time in three months, the FBI broke its record for gun sales, concealed carry, and other firearms background checks in March.

I am not certain how many NICS checks are states checking for CCW type licenses vs. firearm sales, most states use an internal system outside of NICS that queries the data as I understand it. NICS is primarily from retailers. In fact, this is the first public reference I can recall off hand to NICS being for concealed carry license checks, because NICS decidedly isn’t for that. It is a firearm transfer check.

Gun sales generally track with the NICS numbers, though the FBI doesn’t make public how many were for gun purchases. Gun industry groups typically release those numbers after the FBI.

The estimates are important to track the industry and plan for production, they also all say firearms are in greater demand than ever.

After the FBI release, for example, Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting reported that sales are set to break the yearly record of 22.8 million in 2021. “For the first quarter of 2021 as a whole, about 5.9 million firearms were sold as opposed to 5.2 million in the first quarter of 2020. If this rate of sales were to be sustained throughout 2021, last year’s record sales of 22.8 million would be broken,” they said.

Gun sellers have said that President Joe Biden’s threat to use executive action to expand background check requirements and possibly ban the sale of semi-automatic firearms like the popular AR-15 is driving sales. House and Senate Democrats are also pushing anti-gun legislation, especially in the wake of two mass shootings last month.

The industry knows the drill, tragedy happens and government proposes a ban or restriction that would not have prevented it. People also recognize that it is harder to get rid of things that are already owned, so their is that factor driving sales too. 2020 was also an illustrative year of the limitations government realistically has on responding and preventing violent crimes, protecting people during civil unrest, and responding to crime during a pandemic.

By the trackable data, so called “mass shootings” went up by 44%.

The part they don’t tell you is that number of unknown perpetrators in those shootings went up by 88%. Not only was 2020 a violent year, it had an abysmal rate of crimes solved. So is it any wonder firearms are in demand? The unsolved shooting rate jumped up, along with other violent offense against persons and property, and people feel vulnerable.

And some said that it appears people are using the Biden-pushed COVID-19 stimulus checks to purchase weapons.

It appears? In the same manner that it also appears to be April?

“Our sales are already well ahead of last March,” said Justin Anderson, the marketing director of Charlotte, North Carolina’s Hyatt Guns, who helps Secrets keep tabs on gun trends.

“There are obvious factors at play here: Biden’s gun rhetoric being No. 1, as well as two mass shootings that were heavily covered in the media. However, we also saw a lot of transactions of around $1,400 starting on March 17, so it appears many people are using their stimulus money to buy guns,” he said.

Anderson added, “I think it’s ironic that a Democrat Party-led Congress and a Democrat president passed legislation to give people financial relief, and a significant amount is being spent on gun purchases, many of which are for AR-15s!”

Again… proud. Well done, America. At least in this instance.

Gun sales have repeatedly hit records over the past year as more people grow concerned about their safety and the availability of firearms. It has been fueled by new gun owners and minorities, especially women and black people.

This has tracked well with what I’ve seen. Second Amendment exercise is becoming more apolitical, in that it is including more and more otherwise diverse political and social backgrounds, and that is exactly as it should be.

Again… still, proud of you all. Keep up the good work.

Biden ‘Certainly Considering’ Executive Action on Gun Control – Press Secretary Vague on Specifics


From Gunpowder Magazine:

President Biden is “certainly considering” executive action to force federal gun control, Press Secretary Jen Psaki has confirmed.

When asked during a press gaggle if Biden plans to take executive action on “gun violence,” Paski said:

“We are certainly considering a range of levers, including working through legislation, including executive actions to address, obviously, you know, not just gun safety measures but violence in communities. So that is – has been under discussion and will continue to be under discussion.”

In a series of other vague statements, Psaki went on to say “how vital it is to move forward on gun safety measures in a range of formats,” adding, “But I don’t have an update on when those executive actions or what steps might be next at this point.”

Biden is “personally committed to continuing to push for gun safety measures,” and favors the type of executive action taken during the Obama-Biden administration, Psaki said.

The Press Secretary was unable or unwilling to describe what, exactly, the Biden administration has in mind when it comes to gun control, reiterating that Biden is “…considering and discussing a range of actions – executive actions on addressing gun violence and community violence.”

Psaki was equally as non-committal to the status of the nominee to head the ATF, telling reports:

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The 5 Types of Gun Control Supporters


Gun control advocates, like gun rights advocates, come from all walks of life and have all kinds of reasons for supporting gun control. Today we’re going to take a look at five common archetypes of gun control supporters; broadly dividing them into categories. These are the 5 types of gun control supporters.

As we get started, it’s important to note that this isn’t a comprehensive list, and it also doesn’t mean that a person only has their category as their sole motivation for supporting gun control. Many people will combine two or even three of these categories into some kind of gun control hydra, which makes trying to have an adult conversation about the root causes of violence difficult. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the first category.

5. The Well-Intentioned

Probably the least harmful of gun control advocates is the well-intentioned. This person’s primary motivation for supporting gun control is that they believe the lines how “fewer guns = less crime” or that taking guns “off the streets” will reduce violent crime. They’re not deep on the issue or particularly well-informed, but they (like any rational person) are concerned about public violence. Because they’re not well-informed on the issue, the surface appeal of gun control makes “sense” to them. People like this can often have their minds changed, the most effective way is to just…be a good person and show them through your actions that gun ownership is fun and safe. Eventually you can talk about how gun control doesn’t address the root causes of violence.

4. The Party Line

This person supports gun control not because they feel strongly about it, but because it’s a party piece for the political team they picked. “Well the guy I vote for supports gun control, even though that’s not really why I’m voting for him, so I guess I support it to.” This is pretty common across a lot of political issues – people will casually support an issue because they broadly identify with a party or candidate’s positions, and gun control gets added on the wagon along with everything else.

3. Guns are scary

As we get into these next three, you start to run into problems with irrationality and emotional decisions. As I’m fond of saying, you can’t reason someone out of a position they arrived at irrationally, and that especially applies to the person who thinks that guns are scary. Whether it’s because their only exposure to guns is from media, or because they had a traumatic event involving a gun, this person is genuinely afraid of guns. The idea or physical presence of “gun” is scary, so their emotional response to this is to say that guns should be banned. Interestingly, the best way to engage with someone like this is to acknowledge the validity of their emotion and start from there. If you can get to a point where you accept their feelings are real and valid, they’ll automatically be more open to having a real conversation.

2. The Projector

These are honestly some of the worst people. They’re almost always white males with absolutely zero experience with real violence, and they always pop up on twitter or FB saying “well if I had a gun in situation X I might have shot someone.” Basically, because they have anger management issues, you shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun. They’re a product of a society that enables people to live to physical adulthood without experiencing an ounce of real hardship, and deep down inside they’re mad at the world for that. They can’t have their mind changed until they fix the root cause of their emotional problem.

1. The Statist

This brings us to the worst people on the list. The true believers. The people who believe that the State, in whatever form, should have a total monopoly on the use of force. These are the people who believe that communism would work if “the right” people were in charge. They believe that the State should take care of everything, despite the fact that the “State” is the all time #1 champion of genocide, murder, and massacre by a massive margin. But none of that matters, because those were the wrong people that did that. They want to take your guns because your guns are a problem, because a gun gives you a certain amount of agency that the state cannot take from you…without killing you.

Again, these aren’t all the types of gun control advocates – they’re a sample, meant to represent broad categories. But it is important to note that 2/5ths of these categories are “reachable” – they might be someone who can be brought around to being, if not pro-gun, at least neutral on the issue.

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Violence by the numbers


Choose Your Own Crime Stats is a video that went viral back at the end 2012. It is a no nonsense look at the fact that media and political sources willfully obfuscate and oversimplify crime stats to serve their end goal. In this instance, gun control.

The video is over 8 years old but the information is still valid, more valid now than even then perhaps.

Why is it valid?

Violent crime is staying down from where it was, from the early 90’s peak, even prior to the peak. And comparatively, its similar today as when the video emerged.

Homicide specifically is trending the same way.

All of this violent decline continued after 2004, when the assault weapon ban was removed. The trend is still declining. But you wouldn’t believe it to listen to the gun control proponents.

Let’s take a look at those post AWB statistics. The one Biden so proudly implemented. Shouldn’t there have been a spike? A return to blood in the streets with the flood of ‘assault weapons’ coming forth?

Nope, violent crime still in decline…

In fact, only one violent category increased. Sadly, that category is rape. But that is a category outside traditional ‘gun violence’ parameters. A firearm may be used in the commission of the rape, but it then also becomes either an aggravated assault or homicide.

NOTE: The criminal definition of rape underwent a change in 2013, which does account for the spike. However, we do see nearly parallel increases in the overlapping four years and we can infer from that the likely rates under the expanded definition for the other years. Roughly 35% above the old definition to meet the new one.

“Mass Shootings”

The tweety politicos and media aren’t talking about rape, nor about violent crime as a whole. They are talking about “Mass Shootings” and that is a term they choose specifically for its imagery. However, the crime space they are covering with the definition is borrowing heavily from inner city crime, domestic violence, escalated fights, and other offenses to pad their numbers.

34 Mass Attacks does not sound as terrifying as 424 “Mass Shootings” and gun controllers know it. This is why, like Assault Weapon, they use a vaguely defined term.

in 2019, the working definition of a Mass Attack covers: 34 incidents of mass attacks – in which three or more people, not
including the attacker(s), were harmed – that were carried out by 37 attackers in public spaces across the United States
between January and December 2019. In total, 108 people were killed and an additional 178 people were injured. -MAPS 2019

Mass Shooting covers roughly any incident in which 4 or more people where shot and has no specific definition.

Gun controllers are inferring Mass Attacks in Public Spaces, which are attacks like Boulder, Parkland, Fort Hood, Las Vegas, etc. These attacks shock the moral conscious of the public, they are brutal and nonsensical from any rational view point.

But in 2019 there were only 34 such attacks, and only 24 involved firearms. Only 6 of those involved a long gun, one involved handgun and long gun. One was confirmed a shotgun meaning a rifle of any type was present at only 6 of the 34 total mass attacks. Of those 24 firearm attacks, at least 10 of the attacks were known prohibited persons or in illegal possession. Of those, 2 were minors in possession, the remaining were prohibited adults who could not legally purchase or possess a firearm. Meaning gun laws failed to apprehend/intercept 10 illegal persons and they failed to stop 14 people who had no record to be suspicious of in the first place. No law would have or did prevent these attacks despite multitudes in place.

Of the 24 attacks involving firearms, 17 involved only handguns. And yet we are after the AR-15, why? Also why is there such disparity between the 24 mass attacks involving firearms and the 424 (or 434 via Wikipedia, may be a typo) “Mass Shootings?” Why lie about them? Why obfuscate the number so radically? Why pretend there are so many more “mass shootings” than there when the implication you are going putting forward is a mass attack?

For the same reasons any problem gets blown out of proportion, money. Attention equals money, it equals funding both directly and indirectly. It means policy ‘wins’ and ‘doing something’ to combat gun violence and all that buzzword jazz. It means money in reelection war chests and self congratulations.

It means control, and of course they will lie to get it.