The Weapon of Mass Destruction: AR-15 Edition


The claims about AR-15 lethality and efficacy are farcical in most instances. Anyone familiar enough with the topic to speak on it can’t make the fantastic headline and meme generating claims that are tossed back and forth by rule makers.

Why would we want rulemakers over little life and death topics like prison sentences to have a basic understanding of what they’re commenting on, afterall.

Anywho, one the more mockworthy comments to emerge recently was a claim on the devastating nature of exit wounds and crushing energy that the AR-15’s and 5.56 rifles deliver. Basically describing it like the AR is launching sledge hammers through people.

So Mike tests that theory and well… it’s not like that at all.

More like a rifle that is chambered in an intermediate caliber. Still dangerous to get shot with certainly, but not footwide exit wounds. It isn’t removing giant chunks of your flesh and leaving them on the floor. That’s a shotgun at close range with buckshot.