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The View does what all daytime talk shows do, they discuss current events. The View’s Joy Behar discussed New York state pondering the idea of moving to open carry with her co-hosts. Continue reading this story from Breitbart:

Joy Behar told her co-hosts Wednesday on ABC’s “The View” that “the Supreme Court is poised to pass a bill,” making New York State an open-carry state, seeming to confuse the legislative and judicial branches of the U.S. government.

Behar referenced the Supreme Court potentially ruling to overturn a New York 1913 gun control law that limits the ability to legally carry a concealed gun in public spaces.

While the group was discussing gun reform, co-host Sunny Hostin said, “It’s really about training. When I was a prosecutor, I got gun training, and it’s difficult to shoot a moving target, actually. All the law enforcement officers that I worked with often told me the last thing that they want to do is have to use their firearm.”

Behar said, “The Supreme Court is poised to pass a bill contradicting the New York City State laws. We have very strict gun laws here, and they would like it to be. Apparently, somebody has put it on their desk that New York should be an open carry state and an open carry city with all of the density in this city. They want people running around with guns. Middle-class people will be leaving in droves if that happens.”

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