Miller-Meeks: Making AI A Priority | The Iowa Torch


AI is a very exciting subject and could lead to a lot of innovation for the United States. That innovation also needs to be extended to National Security as well. Continue reading this article from The Iowa Torch:

Artificial intelligence (AI) – and the opportunities and challenges it presents – have serious national security implications. AI is quickly becoming an indispensable part of our economy and society.

The technology behind AI and the role that it plays in our national security is constantly evolving. We cannot take America’s AI leadership for granted and must continue to work and grow in this space.

As we speak, China is going all out to usurp our dominance in AI. If we allow other countries to take the lead on AI development we risk falling behind and potentially compromising our national security. Innovation has always been at the forefront of American superiority, and we cannot fall behind now.

We should maximize our public and private partnerships to coordinate, innovate, and develop our AI technology. Continuing to grow in this field will help our transportation, agriculture, healthcare, defense and manufacturing sectors remain competitive on a global level. Making sure that every level of our government has the capability to respond to and manage future challenges should be a top priority in the coming years.

Now is the time to focus on developing AI policies that keep innovation on a trajectory of growth. I was proud to advocate for investments in AI as a part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022. As a part of a bipartisan caucus of veterans, we secured language to develop a working group that will strengthen our technical infrastructure and provide a system of processing for AI & cyber innovation for the purpose of defense.

I look forward to working with all of my colleagues to ensure that AI is correctly incorporated into our national security strategy for the benefit of every American.

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