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Russell County sheriff weighs in on proposed permitless concealed carry bill – WTVM

It isn’t unusual for law enforcement to express skepticism on permitless carry legislation. Alabama appears no different in this regard. Sheriff Heath Taylor expressed some common concerns on the subject, including the fact that permits had been denied to people who applied for them. That obviously has the implication that those individuals would be dangerous to allow to carry a firearm, but no specifics were provided on the denials or reasons for denials. If those people are still gun owners it would seem to be a very threadbare point, and if those people are prohibited persons who applied and were denied the rules would still prohibit them carrying a firearm since they are prohibited from owning a firearm.
From WTVM,

LEE COUNTY, Ala. (WTVM) – A proposed bill in the upcoming Alabama legislative session is drawing criticism from members of law enforcement.

House Bill 6 would allow most people in the state over the age of 18 to carry a concealed firearm without the need for a permit.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor says he is not for the proposed bill.

Taylor says no sheriff in Alabama is against people’s 2nd amendment right to carry firearms. However he says he is against guns being in the wrong hands.

Sheriff Taylor criticizes lawmakers saying, they have not even let new gun legislation go into law yet before trying to make a change. He says a separate law goes into effect this year for lifetime concealed carry permits.

“I mean, why wouldn’t you let what they did last year, go into effect. See if that satisfies everybody and let it work for a couple of years before you come back and try to change something that hasn’t even went into effect yet” said Taylor.

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