Ohio Senate Approves Permitless Carry

Constitutional Carry is an oft derided topic by those opposed to public amaramture in general, even gun ownership. But when it comes to the real numbers on permitted vs. permitless carry, it seems like the permit is not nearly so important as legal firearm ownership in the first place. The superfluous legal ‘terms of service’ that most permitting classes amount to boil down to ‘don’t break the law, still’ while carrying a gun.

Guns.com has the breakdown on the progress on Ohio joining the group of states allowing permitless carry for their residents or all legal residents and visitors alike, click thru and give them a follow and read the whole story.

Lawmakers in the Buckeye State on Wednesday gave a big thumbs up to a bill that would recognize permitless carry in Ohio.

In an easy 23-8 vote, state senators approved SB 215, a measure that codifies the right to carry without the mandate for a concealed carry license. It also tweaks the requirement to “promptly” inform a law enforcement officer during an interaction while carrying, replacing it with a duty to inform the officer only when asked.

The Senate bill now heads to the House for consideration. That body last month passed similar legislation, HB 227, in an easy 60-32 roll call.

Banner image: Smith & Wesson 66-5 in the Guns.com Vault.

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