Progressives Despise the Average American | @Stu Does America – YouTube


“Progressives” are a large political ideas group. In actually it is a conglomeration of multiple focused groups on certain points they consider essential.

There are many progressive ideas and supporters of those ideas are often therefore categorized as progressives in their association with the idea. The Blaze Network has a short clip (above) on how ‘Progressives’, the people, as opposed to an idea, hold an elitist holier/better than thou attitude to what is identifiable as an average person. Even people who hold a progressive view, maybe even the one the ‘Progressive’ is currently espousing, will hold another view that is anathema and thus be pushed from the liked ‘ally’ into a despised category like the currently popular ‘bigot’.

We see this when someone ‘Woke’ isn’t woke enough. We see it when someone in the LGBTQ+ community isn’t on board with the latest or furthest new idea from the extreme arm, and self-declared representatives, of that group. We also see it from the extreme right in various forms but ‘Progressive’ personas currently hold the media pulpit more strongly from the support and coverage from big media entities.

Loudly avowed progressives, self described progressives, and those using the mantel as a way to round in or merge their particular view with the larger groups, or the Democratic party as a whole, can also be the most aggravating people you have ever had the displeasure of listening to. Not absolutely, but they can rank.

Narrow minded, ill informed, utopian delusional, and so forth, the loudest ‘Progressives’ also tend to be the most extreme on the leanings scale. This has the effect of contaminating an idea that could be seen as progressive, and perhaps even beneficial, by having the self ascribed progressive come across as actively hating anyone who does not precisely conform to their personal, and loudly shared, world view.

Progressives are not the only group to do this, they are just in the current time the most visible group. But tribalism and the forming of aligned political factions is old old human behavior. Using an extreme point of view to garner attention is also.

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