Guthrie County Is A 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County


Iowa adds yet another 2A sanctuary county to their growing list. Read more below why the decision was made explained by Guthrie County District 5 Supervisor Michael Dickson.

From Raccoon Valley Radio:

The Guthrie County Supervisors recently approved a resolution to be a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. 

Guthrie County District 5 Supervisor Michael Dickson explains that by being a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County that county residents will be protected from constitutional infringements on the right to bear arms. Dickson explains why they decided to approve the resolution. 

“The federal government seems to want to take away some of the rights of the people and it’s a constitutional right (to keep and bear arms) and Guthrie County supports it.”

The resolution was unanimously approved at their last meeting on October 5th.

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