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The Biden administration scorecard – American Thinker


American Thinker has a breakdown of President Biden’s scorecard 7 months into his presidency. For the alleged ‘most popular President’ in American history… It isn’t good. The politics of Biden’s election as a reaction to President Trump and the resulting fallout as Biden has stumbled, mumbled, and bungled his way through since has been staggering to watch.

August 30, 2021

The perpetual media blitz of current events and the rapid pace of the news cycle these days make it hard to keep track of even recent history.  So to help maintain our collective memory of changes that have transpired since the days of the Trump administration, the following is an attempt to catalogue those in the hope that it will help reveal the “big picture” to guide future action.

To start with, don’t forget that the shamefully botched Afghanistan withdrawal disaster is just the latest of the Biden administration’s atrocities.  In addition, and in just a little over seven months since the Biden administration and the radical left took the White House, we have witnessed:

  • Loss of energy independence,
  • Markedly resurgent inflation,
  • Out-of-control government spending,
  • Eroding public confidence in our election system,
  • Exploding southern border crisis,
  • Continued virus fear and hysteria,
  • Threats of lockdowns, mask and “vaccine” mandates,
  • Replacing education with indoctrination,
  • Devaluing the nuclear family and parental authority,
  • Abusive sexualization of society and children,
  • Constitutional rights declared “not absolute,”
  • “Cancel culture” oppression of free speech,
  • Attempts to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment,
  • Escalating social division via “intersectionality,”
  • Magnifying discrimination via forced “inclusion,”
  • Reframing America as founded on hate and oppression,
  • Labeling rioters and looters as “peaceful protesters,”
  • Labeling law-abiding patriots as “domestic terrorists,”
  • Urging people to turn in “radicalized” family and friends,
  • Open Judeo-Christian religious persecution,
  • Epidemic property, human trafficking, and violent crime,
  • Disempowered law enforcement and prosecution,
  • Eviscerated “woke” military leadership,
  • Rekindling the threat of homeland terrorist attacks
  • Widespread international distrust and disrespect, and
  • Growing Chinese control of the U.S. economy, news outlets, social media, education, entertainment, sports, corporations, and Wall Street.

America is in an unprecedented governmental crisis. Given its recent history, the Biden administration is clearly not willing or able to protect American interests or defend our Constitution.

Image: Peretz Partensky.

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