Let Calumet County be a 2A sanctuary

Several Republican representatives have voiced their supporting opinions to the Second Amendment sanctuary status of Calumet County Wisconsin.
The 2A sanctuary movement is one that very much squares up local governments against larger state or federal entities. These policies seek to protect and affirm the second amendment from overreach passed by legislatures and allowed by courts until the can gets kicked to the Supreme Court at some point.
Expect to see a sanctuary challenge at some point, but it does not appear to be on any immediate horizon.

To the editor:

Open Letter to the Calumet County Sheriff, District Attorney, & County Board:

We, the elected Calumet County members of the Wisconsin State Legislature and other leaders of Calumet County, support and endorse the efforts put forth by, and the goal of, the Second Amendment Sanctuary Committee of the Republican Party of Calumet County.

We are politely requesting that the Calumet County Sheriff, Calumet County District Attorney and the Calumet County Board of Supervisors support the Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution effort now under way in Calumet County. Once the resolution is passed and adopted by the County Board, Calumet County would be joining the other 21 counties (nearly one-third of our state’s counties), one city, three villages and 11 townships in Wisconsin that have already achieved sanctuary status.

Petitions for signing by Calumet County citizens who support this effort and wish to ensure that our Second Amendment is protected and preserved are being circulated throughout the county. They can be found on this website, www.calumetgop.com, and at many other businesses across the county.

The passage of a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution would ensure that the government of Calumet County would neither cooperate with, nor use any public funds, to assist with any unconstitutional federal or state laws or rules that would violate the Second Amendment. In addition, it would direct Calumet County law enforcement to not cooperate with the carrying out of any such unconstitutional laws or orders. All elected officials have taken an oath to protect our people from those unconstitutional laws

We feel that the passing of a Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution will engender support for law enforcement and county government, and protect the citizens of Calumet County.


Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu (9th District)

Senator Andre Jacque (1st District)

Senator Duey Stroebel (20th District)

Representative Ron Tusler (3rd District)

Representative Paul Tittl (25th District)

Representative Timothy Ramthun (59th District)

Republican Party of Calumet County Chairman Ty Bodden

Republican Party of Calumet County Vice Chair Julie McGrath-Ruh

Republican Party of Calumet County 2nd Vice Chair and Second Amendment Sanctuary Committee Chair Tom De Troye

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