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An Opinion Piece found out of Wilmington. Socialist trends are not hard to spot emerging in this country as various programs are established and ‘damn the cost/consequences’ seems to be the reaction to the price tag. The price tags are not only financial, these programs are often shallow in their depth when it comes to their goals. These programs purport to aid people on the surface but never look at second and third order of effect consequences, they never look beyond the first layer of immediate benefits and rarely properly account for negative consequences. It is a hallmark of socialist supporters that they cannot fathom negative outcomes to their ‘altruistic’ programs and plans.

From WNJ,

Is anyone concerned with regard to the ever present alarming trends towards socialism in America? Wake up America and look around!

There are “many such trends” that are readily apparent and one has to only open their eyes to see them: defunding the police and law enforcement; opening the borders to illegal aliens and the drug trafficking and criminals that come with it; coming federal control of our election process which constitutionally has been given to the various states; attempting federal control, and in some cases confiscation of individuals guns – disabling the constitution’s 2nd amendment; censorship by big tech and various social platforms, opposing our constitutional 1st amendment of free speech; proposed higher taxes on corporations that would put some businesses out of business and increase future prices to consumers; corporate and media’s, overwhelming support of BLM and race theories; pushing God and religion to the background and removing same from the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag; removing and in some cases destroying historical statues and memorials that represent American history; creating political and racial agendas in many professional sports; federal government promoting wealth redistribution and equality for all and using federal “freebies” to negatively entice capable individuals to find jobs; creating and disseminating “misinformation” with regard to the purpose and objective of federal programs, more recently related to COVID-19; infiltrating the educational systems (higher and lower levels) with critical race theory and its one-sided view points.

Let’s take a look at Webster’s definition of exactly what socialism is and its key components. “A form of government in which most forms of property including at least the major means of production and natural resources are owned and controlled by the federal government.” This is in direct opposition to capitalism, the foundation on which this great country was built and thrives! It can slow economic growth; provide less entrepreneurial opportunity and competition; and potentially create a lack of motivation by individuals due to lesser rewards and more handouts. And requires higher taxes on everyone ! It focuses on relying on the government for everything! Fact –pure socialism “has failed” in every country in which it has been tried!

Is this an economic trend that you want to continue? I think not! Time to step up loudly say “Enough is enough!”

George Cook


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