SCOTUS Decisions Signify 1st Amendment Direction

This past term has seen a flurry of First Amendment action from the U.S. Supreme Court.

The court unanimously vindicated a Catholic foster agency’s religious free exercise right to refuse placement of children with gay couples, voted 8-1 to confirm a minor’s free speech right to disseminate off-campus, profane social media posts to hundreds of Snapchat friends about her school, and protected associational rights in a 6-3 decision that protects donors from doxing. – Law 360

The sitting Supreme Court is sending a strong signal that the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is in good hands. That the rights of the people to express themselves in forums and manners consistent with their values and beliefs as well not be forced into actions or concessions contrary to their values.

A school was denied the ability to silence a student who was unflattering of them, because that student was doing so outside the times and spaces the school has purview over. 

A religious organization was not compelled to provide services that are contrary to their beliefs in what is right.

And individuals in California who donate to charitable causes are not compelled to be publicly known to the state, suppressing fundraising for any organization that may be disfavored by those elected to the state. 

All of these decisions affirm the court’s commitment to supporting the autonomy of thought, even if it goes contrary to the public flavor of the moment, of each individual and of organized private groups. These are massive free speech, expression, and association wins. We look forward to more.

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