What is Your Most Cherished Freedom?


The 4th of July is always a sun and fun-filled time of year. In between the family barbeques and fireworks, we reflect on the numerous freedoms living in the United States affords us. Constitutional rights set forth by our founding fathers have allowed us wonderful experiences – like practicing free speech, traveling freely within the US, and worshipping at the institution of our choice just to name a few –   throughout our country. While the 4th of July gives us good reason to reflect on these freedoms, it’s important to acknowledge how fortunate we are always! 

Read some reader responses from The Hernando Sun on their most cherished freedoms and let us know what YOURS is! 

Reader responses From The Hernando Sun: 

My most cherished freedom is the one that guarantees unlimited travel within the USA with no restrictions or taxes or fines when moving from one state to another.  This freedom was so important that it was included in the Articles of Confederation which preceded the US Constitution.

It’s easy to take this freedom for granted until you want to cross a border into a foreign country, even Canada or Mexico, and have to present authorized documentation as to who you are and where you live .  Can you imagine doing that for every state as you drive up the east coast, perhaps to Vermont?  You would cross 11 state borders.  Picture sitting in a line of traffic waiting for your turn to be granted permission to enter Georgia, then again to enter South Carolina, and again to enter North Carolina……. and on and on. And you couldn’t just show your driver’s license, you’d have to have a passport from the State of Florida.   It’s daunting.  But thanks to our Founding Fathers, we don’t have to do that.

Now that we are retired, we have the time and the funds to travel this incredible land anytime we can to any state we choose, even Hawaii and Alaska, without restriction.  Thanks, Hernando Sun, for asking this question.  It made us think about our way of life, and once more cherish that we live here.

-Ruth and Ken Stay, 
Brooksville, Florida   

Freedom OF Religion . . . NOT freedom from religion. GOD bless America.

-Barbara Harris

My most cherished freedom is the right to vote for the candidate of my choice.

-James Gibson

Too many to list. The freedom to express our freedoms sums it up. 

-John Hoch

The freedom to take initiatives to improve your happiness and quality of life.  I’m fortunate to have traveled quite a bit, and others around the world typically lack as much opportunity. 

-Burton Melaugh

The Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment gives me the freedom to worship and, the government can’t penalize me because of my Christian beliefs. I am excited because this freedom entitles me to worship freely amongst my brothers and sisters of other faith and religious background. We may not see eye to eye on everything, but we can stand together as people of faith.
What an opportunity to live by faith while serving my community and the nation. This freedom declares that I will not be deprived of these fundamental rights, including the right to freedom of religion and free speech and the due process of law. People of faith are oppressed, jailed, ostracized, or killed in other countries due to the declaration of their faith and the desire to worship.  We are fortunate as a people and a nation! Thank God for this freedom.

-Dell Barnes

Freedom to work hard to excel to your highest level to fulfill your dreams. 
-Rich Lehman

The freedom of speech is my most cherished freedom.  It’s so important to know I can express my opinion about anything, and know that I won’t be arrested or admonished, and that listening to everyone’s free speech opinions is how I learn and grow everyday.
-Teri Nichols

Freedom of Assembly.  Our right to march, demonstrate and protest policies of our government.
Freedom of speech, our right to express our opinions without fear of reprisal or constraint.
Due process in our country is a sacred and protected right.
Despite those freedoms, our political process is not free.  Big money, corporate money, special interest money own and control our government.  They are the government in America.
The two major political parties in  America, the Republicans and Democrats, are corrupted and bought out.  They gerrymander districts, they block minor parties from accessing the democratic process by
Imposing large candidate fees, impossible signature petition requirements, and set party and candidate registration dates that are designed to discourage and block the democratic process.
So while we have some cherished freedoms in our country, overall, we do not.  We have a cancer at the core, and over time will eat away the other freedoms.  Unless we become more democratic, we are
Destined to fail as a nation.

-Brian P. Moore


What is YOUR most cherished freedom? Send us an email and let us know!

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