Report Absolving Trump Over DC Anti-Riot Actions, CNN ‘Disagrees’

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From NewsBusters:

CNN journalists are so bitten by Trump Derangement Syndrome that the release of an inspector general’s report disproving the liberal media’s anti-Trump narrative on the clearing of Lafayette Park has had them struggling to salvage their anti-Trump theories.

After last week’s report by the U.S. Department of the Interior found that President Donald Trump did not order that protesters be forcibly removed so he could stage a photo-op last June, CNN’s Jim Acosta joined Thursday’s New Day to react with skepticism, with Acosta suggesting that the inspector general was trying to get a job working for Trump.

Additionally, CNNers tried to blame Trump for the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department using teargas near Lafayette Park even though the MPD was under the control of the local Democratic-controlled D.C. government. Last year, the same CNN show had likened the operation to the Tiananmen Square massacre.

When co-host Brianna Keilar brought up the topic, she asked if the report “raises more questions than it answers,” leading Acosta to respond:

“Well, I certainly think it raises more questions than it answers. I mean, you know, the IG report is saying that the Park Police cleared the park with the purpose of setting up this fence because obviously the protesters needed to be moved back from this area where they were defacing statues and potentially pulling down the Andrew Jackson statue and so on.”

The clear media bias against the 45th President, needing him to be wrong, desperately looking for something, anything, that could possibly stick to finally once and for all prove just how terrible Trump was…

Here’s the thing. The further and further we go along the more we are finding out that the accusations against Trump, even when the hit on the tiniest grains of truth, are blown so wildly out of proportion that the reports good give Mel Brooks a run for his money on parody. The former President could park his car on the line in a space where no one was parked near him and someone’s headline would read, “President Trump denies access to the handicapped at local establishment.”

It logically follows that CNN, The Cl-*REDACTED* News Network, would be less than eager to give up their perspective on Trump’s actions after spending so much airtime on promising their audience that ‘that’ was what was going on, no doubt, no disputes, no disagreeing.

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