Australia to Pursue Nuclear Attack Subs in New Agreement with U.S., U.K. – USNI News

Trafalgar-class attack submarine HMS Triumph, glides into HM Naval Base Clyde. Royal Navy Photo It is telling on the world stage just how troubling China...

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Gunshine State falls behind? Effort to make Florida next constitutional carry state returns

Pro-gun groups and Rep. Anthony Sabatini are bringing the “constitutional carry” debate back to the table for the upcoming Legislative Session.Sabatini, a Howey-in-the-Hills Republican, filed legislation (HB 103) Wednesday that would remove requirements that people obtain concealed carry permits to legally carry a firearm. Constitutional carry laws allow law-abiding citizens to practice open and concealed carry. Florida has been given the nickname “The Gunshine State” for its residents’ affinity for concealed carry permits. Of the state’s 21.5 million residents as of 2020, nearly 2.4 million civilians have concealed carry permits as of the end of August. Despite that, gun advocates, such as Legislation for Florida Gun Rights Director Matt Collins, say Florida is on the wrong track. “Florida is currently behind when it comes to gun rights,” Collins said. This year saw five states pass constitutional carry laws, raising the number of constitutional carry states to 21, according to Collins’ group. Sabatini’s bill would add Florida to the list. “This Bill eliminates the unconstitutional ‘permit’ program which requires law abiding Florida citizens to ask the government for permission and pay money before carrying a firearm — it also allows for Open Carry,” the Representative tweeted Wednesday morning. Since his election to the House in 2018, Sabatini has repeatedly filed a constitutional carry bill. However, Republican leadership has never scheduled the measure for a committee hearing, and the issue met opposition from gun safety groups. Last Session’s version of the bill was assigned to Neptune Beach Republican Rep. Cord Byrd‘s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Subcommittee. With redistricting taking place this year, Byrd has been reassigned to lead the State Legislative Redistricting Committee. Macclenny Republican Rep. Chuck Brannan, a retired Baker County chief investigator and former deputy U.S. marshal, has replaced Byrd at the helm of the justice subcommittee. Collins accused Byrd of killing the bill at the direction of House Speaker Chris Sprowls. “Now that anti-gun Representative Cord Byrd has been removed from his position as Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee Chair, it is the perfect time to allow constitutional carry to have a hearing and vote,” Collins said. In June, Sabatini tweeted he would file the bill again after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a constitutional carry law in his state. “Meanwhile here in Florida, Anti-2A ‘Republicans’ in the Legislature REFUSE to allow my Constitutional Carry Bill to move forward,” Sabatini wrote. If approved, the bill would take effect immediately. Florida Gun Rights considers the proposal its top legislative priority this Session. The National Association for Gun Rights is similarly promoting the bill. Committee meetings for the 2022 Session begin Monday. The 60-day Legislative Session opens Jan. 11. Post Views: 591

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LETTER: SCOTUS sets date for crucial 2nd Amendment case | Letters to Editor | fltimes.com

To the Editor:The U.S. Supreme Court recently announced that it will hear a case challenging New York’s onerous carry restrictions on Nov. 3.The case — New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v Bruen — is the first Second Amendment case regarding firearms that the High Court will hear in more than a decade.It challenges New York’s requirement that residents applying for pistol permits demonstrate a “proper cause” to do so. This is often used as a barrier by local licensing officials to deny applicants their constitutional right of licensed concealed carry, the only legal way for New Yorkers to carry firearms outside the home for self-defense.As New York is one of just eight “may-issue” states in the nation, meaning that our right to keep and bear arms may be denied on discretionary grounds, NRA-ILA explained that, for "too long, New York has rationed the right to keep and bear arms to a select, chosen few within favored classes. But the Second Amendment guarantees the ‘right of the people to keep and bear arms,’ not the right of a privileged few.”“The Court rarely takes Second Amendment cases. Now it’s decided to hear one of the most critical Second Amendment issues. We’re confident that the Court will tell New York and the other states that our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves is fundamental, and doesn’t vanish when we leave our homes,” said Jason Ouimet, executive director of NRA-ILA.

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Guns vs. Speech: Does the 2nd Amendment Threaten the 1st? – NYU Law

Tuesday, September 14, 2021  |  12:00 PM - 1:15 PMVirtual event Over the last year, peaceful demonstrators across the United States have been met by armed individuals and self-proclaimed “militias.” Between January 2020 and June 2021, at least 560 protests included the presence of armed individuals other than law enforcement. One out of six of those demonstrations reported violent or destructive activity, according to research from Everytown for Gun Safety.Can speech be free when armed counter-protesters mix with unarmed protesters? What does this tension between the freedoms protected by our Constitution’s First and Second Amendments bode for democracy? And should state laws regarding the presence of guns at polling places be strengthened?To answer these questions — and look at what this looming conflict may mean in the Supreme Court — Brennan Center Fellow Eric Ruben (SMU Dedman School of Law) joins a group of prominent legal scholars: Mary Anne Franks (University of Miami School of Law), Darrell Miller (Duke University School of Law), Eugene Volokh (UCLA School of Law), and Timothy Zick (William & Mary Law School).This event is produced in partnership with New York University’s John Brademas Center.RSVP here.Speakers:Dr. Mary Anne Franks, Professor of Law and Michael R. Klein Distinguished Scholar Chair, University of Miami School of Law; Author of The Cult of the Constitution: Our Deadly Devotion to Guns and Free SpeechDarrell A.H. Miller, Melvin G. Shimm Professor of Law, Duke University Law School; Author of The Positive Second Amendment: Rights, Regulation, and the Future of Heller (with Joseph Blocher)Eugene Volokh, Gary T. Schwartz Distinguished Professor of Law, UCLA Law; Founder and Coauthor of The Volokh Conspiracy, a leading legal blogTim Zick, John Marshall Professor of Government and Citizenship and William H. Cabell Research Professor of Law, William & Mary Law SchoolModerator: Eric Ruben, Assistant Professor, SMU Dedman School of Law; Fellow, Brennan Center for JusticeThe Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law provides reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities. Requests for accommodations for events and services should be submitted at least two weeks if possible before the date of the accommodation need. Please email adrienne.yee@nyu.edu or call 646-925-8728 for assistance. top of page

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Blue Sky and Dark Clouds: On “Gun Violence” Researchers

From our friends at DRGO (from clipground.com) In a current Journal of the American Medical Association article with an accompanying editorial, various researchers...

GOP Celebrates Defeating Chipman as ATF Nominee, 'Crushing' for Biden – Breitbart

Republicans on Thursday celebrated defeating President Joe Biden’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) nominee David Chipman. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Breitbart News’ article in celebration, asserting Republicans will also “defeat all of Biden’s attempts to restrict our Second Amendment rights!”: We defeated this anti-2A gun grabber and we'll defeat all of Biden's attempts to restrict our Second Amendment rights! Report: Joe Biden to Withdraw David Chipman Nominationhttps://t.co/ndlfh5MLKG — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) September 9, 2021 “David Chipman is an unhinged gun-grabber. His defeat is a win for the Constitution—and a crushing loss for Joe Biden,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) tweeted: David Chipman is an unhinged gun-grabber. His defeat is a win for the Constitution—and a crushing loss for Joe Biden. pic.twitter.com/SlkpeGerGu — Tom Cotton (@TomCottonAR) September 9, 2021 Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) tweeted Biden never should have nominated Chipman. “Good News. He NEVER should have been nominated,” he said: Good News. He NEVER should have been nominated. “The White House is planning to withdraw David Chipman’s nomination to run the ATF this week amid bipartisan pushback over his gun control advocacy, according to two people with knowledge of the decision.”https://t.co/bNXcnPWzUm — Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) September 9, 2021 Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) reacted by taking credit for Chipman’s failure while suggesting Chipman was a “terrible nomination.” “Glad to hear reports the White House is taking my advice and pulling the terrible nomination of David Chipman,” McConnell said. “Absurd that a vocal opponent of Americans’ constitutional rights was ever picked to run ATF. This is a win for the Second Amendment and law-abiding American citizens.”: Glad to hear reports the White House is taking my advice and pulling the terrible nomination of David Chipman. Absurd that a vocal opponent of Americans' constitutional rights was ever picked to run ATF. This is a win for the Second Amendment and law-abiding American citizens. — Leader McConnell (@LeaderMcConnell) September 9, 2021 Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) tweeted resending the nomination is a “victory” for “law-abiding citizens who made their voice heard.” “David Chipman would have used ATF to chip away at our right to defend ourselves and our families,” Braun said. “I was proud to stand up against his nomination, and President Biden backing down on his nomination is a victory for our 2nd Amdnt and law-abiding citizens who made their voice heard.”: David Chipman would have used ATF to chip away at our right to defend ourselves and our families. I was proud to stand up against his nomination, and President Biden backing down on his nomination is a victory for our 2nd Amdnt and law-abiding citizens who made their voice heard. — Senator Mike Braun (@SenatorBraun) September 9, 2021 “Good news for the Constitution and my fellow #2A supporters. The White House is withdrawing the nomination of David Chipman. It’s abundantly clear he is not fit to lead the men and women of the ATF,” Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-MI) said: Good news for the Constitution and my fellow #2A supporters. The White House is withdrawing the nomination of David Chipman. It’s abundantly clear he is not fit to lead the men and women of the ATF. https://t.co/AUXrzCAwA6 — Rep. Bill Huizenga (@RepHuizenga) September 9, 2021 The National Rifle Association (NRA) tweeted that the win is “huge” for the protection of the Second Amendment. “White House to withdraw nomination of David Chipman to head ATF in face of bipartisan pushback over his gun-control advocacy If verified, this would be a HUGE victory for NRA members and gun owners,” the NRA said: 🚨BREAKING NEWS: White House to withdraw nomination of David Chipman to head ATF in face of bipartisan pushback over his gun-control advocacy If verified, this would be a HUGE victory for NRA members and gun owners. Stay tuned. https://t.co/BWEnAbvila — NRA (@NRA) September 9, 2021 Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) was happy with Chipman’s demise, encouraging his party to continue the fight against Biden’s radical agenda. “Radical anti-gun nominee for the ATF David Chipman has been stopped. This is why we fight!” he tweeted: 🚨🚨 Radical anti-gun nominee for the ATF David Chipman has been stopped. This is why we fight!https://t.co/ui19JBpVd8 — Rep Andy Biggs (@RepAndyBiggsAZ) September 9, 2021 NewsBusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck said Chipman was not just removed for what the Washington Post claimed was the reason for his nomination defeat. “And sorry, Washington Post, but it wasn’t just his ‘gun-control advocacy’ that people had issues with,” he tweeted: #BREAKING: White House withdraws the nomination of David Chipman to head the ATF!! And sorry, Washington Post, but it wasn't just his "gun-control advocacy" that people had issues with. pic.twitter.com/wFZ4lcOnDk — Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) September 9, 2021 Former National Republican Senatorial Committee staff member Matt Whitlock tweeted Chipman “was a terrible nominee and never should have been considered.”: 🚨 HUGE — White House to withdraw nomination of David Chipman to head ATF. He was a terrible nominee and never should have been considered. https://t.co/HvJaiaaOT2 — Matt Whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) September 9, 2021 Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) said the win was “huge” for the protection of the Second Amendment. “This is a huge win for every American who loves the Second Amendment,” he said: This is a huge win for every American who loves the Second Amendment. https://t.co/uoZoU6WfUm — Rep. Ken Buck (@RepKenBuck) September 9, 2021 Follow Wendell Husebø on Twitter @WendellHusebø 

Gun Sales Still Booming, Thanks to Democrats – PJ Media

The more Biden talks about gun restrictions, the more weapons we buy. By this point, you’d think Biden owns stock in firearms. Gun sales in the United States continue to explode and beat pre-pandemic levels. August 2021 saw the 2nd highest gun sales for that month, beaten only by August 2020 when the nation watched Democrat leaders allow Antifa and BLM to burn their cities with near impunity. “Retail firearm sales remain steady and are still above historic norms. August 2021’s figures rose slightly over July 2021’s figures and this indicates that there is a continued strong and steady demand from Americans choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights,” Mark Oliva, public affairs director at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)  told The Epoch Times. New: August 2021 Gun Sales Second-Best on Record https://t.co/B892mLWFA9 — The Reload (@TheReloadSite) September 1, 2021 The gun sales data comes from the FBI’s “National Instant Criminal Background Check System” (NICS), which shows that 2.7 million background checks were carried out in August 2021. NSSF arrived at the sales estimate by subtracting NICS checks and rechecks used by states when reviewing concealed carry permits. While background checks don’t correspond to firearms sales exactly, as someone could fail the check, or change their mind on buying a gun after passing, they’re a widely used proxy. “So far in 2021, there have been over 12.4 million background checks for the sale of a firearm,” Oliva said. “That is within striking distance of 2019’s full-year totals, when 13.2 million background checks were conducted for a gun sale. Four months remain, during which firearm sales historically rise” Oliva continued. A University of California study from October, 2020 found that about 110,000 people in liberal California recently bought firearms and did so out of pandemic-related fears. Roughly 47,000 of them had never previously owned a gun. The study also found: Reasons people purchased guns included lawlessness, prisoner releases, the government “going too far”, government collapse, and gun stores closing 52.2% of respondents said they were “somewhat” or “very” worried about violence, up from 48.4% 6.7 percent of California gun owners keep their firearms loaded and not locked up, (ready for anything) FACT-O-RAMA! March, 2021 saw the highest number of NCIS background checks since at least 1999, with 4,691,738, weeks after Biden took office. The exploding sales can’t be surprising. The Biden administration has been obnoxiously vocal in regards to tighter restrictions on guns, even going so far as to threaten the 2nd Amendment. They also have their sights set on what some people mistakenly call “assault rifles.” According to Oliva, the surge in sales “sends a clear signal that Americans are choosing their 2nd Amendment rights over the Biden administration’s gun control.” In other words, people are stocking up. Losing the 2nd amendment once seemed laughable, as did a potentially stolen election, commie teachers indoctrinating our kids, CRT being taught in the military, cities allowing thugs to riot, and a virus from China gutting our economy. Related: Democrats Blame Guns. I Blame the Democrat Party  Finally, we are starting to see the shortage of bullets come to an end. I hate to brag, bu I actually found a few boxes of 9mm ball ammo in Michigan last weekend. I bought one. Better hurry…

September Political Playbook | PoliticsPA

Written by John Cole, Managing Editor and PoliticsPA Staff Former President Donald Trump endorses Sean Parnell for U.S. Senate. Here is the Playbook.  Trump Endorses Parnell for Senate: Former President Donald Trump pointed to Sean Parnell’s military service in the endorsement, while also saying the GOP Senate hopeful will fight for “Election Integrity, Strong Borders, our Second Amendment, Energy Jobs, and so much more.” ‘GOP lawmakers go to court to challenge mail-in voting law’: The Associated Press reports that “fourteen Republican lawmakers have filed a new lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania’s mail-in voting law, calling it unconstitutional and asking for it to be thrown out.” ‘Pennsylvania’s carbon plan clears last regulatory hurdle’: The Associated Press reports that “the centerpiece of Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan to fight climate change passed its last regulatory hurdle Wednesday, in a hard-fought bid to make Pennsylvania the first major fossil fuel state to adopt a carbon pricing policy.” ‘Pa. Republicans eye constitutional amendment to restrict top health official, confine powers’: The Pennsylvania Capital-Star reports that “one day after Republicans who control the state Legislature railed against a new statewide mask mandate in K-12 schools and childcare centers, a group of GOP lawmakers are again eyeing the constitutional amendment process to limit the authority of the state’s top health official.” ‘For the first time, Pa. Senate gives public online access to spending records’: Spotlight PA reports that “the Pennsylvania Senate for the first time is giving the public online access to the way the chamber and its elected members spend millions in taxpayer money on themselves.” ‘How Pa. lawmakers, elected officials, and U.S. Senate hopefuls reacted to Texas abortion ban’: The Pennsylvania Capital-Star reports how “Pennsylvania lawmakers, organizations and candidates reacted” to “a Texas law that would ban most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy went into effect Wednesday after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to act on an emergency request to stop it, the New York Times and other news organizations reported.” ‘Pa. will require masks in schools: Questions and answers’: PennLive provides a “quick overview of the mask requirement in schools” in Pennsylvania.  ‘Northampton County executive candidate speaks out after viral video on school mask mandates’: WFMZ reports that “after receiving social media criticism, Steve Lynch put out a YouTube video the next day claiming he did not intend to incite violence or physical intimidation. But the Republican candidate for Northampton County executive says he stands by his speech made at a rally in Harrisburg Sunday where he said he was going to school boards to remove members.” ‘Governor Tom Wolf Activates Pennsylvania Air National Guard To Support Afghan Ally Refuge Efforts’: KDKA reports that “Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced on Wednesday that 43 Pennsylvania Air National Guard members have been activated to help with Afghan ally refuge efforts in the U.S.” ‘In South Philly, HUD secretary announces major steps to increase affordable housing’: KYW Newsradio reports that “the Biden administration is relaunching the Federal Financing Bank in order to make loans available for affordable residential development. It’s one of several steps that U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge announced to create more affordable housing.” ‘Parents, students criticize mask mandate at meeting spearheaded by Northampton County executive candidate’: WFMZ reports that “hours after Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf put the mandate in effect, angry parents in Northampton County are taking action… a couple dozen parents and student set up shop Tuesday night under a pavilion at 26th Street Park in Northampton. Steve Lynch, a candidate for Northampton County executive, rallied them together.” Giordano Backs McSwain for Governor: TalkRadio 1210 WPHT’s Dom Giordano penned an op-ed for the Delaware Valley Journal titled, “Backing McSwain for Governor for Law and Order,” where he details his support for Bill McSwain for Governor. McSwain, a former U.S Attorney who served during President Donald Trump’s administration, is a potential candidate for Governor.  ‘Houlahan bill would create cybersecurity job training programs’: The Daily Local News reports that “U.S. Representatives Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA) and Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH) have introduced the Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Expansion Act. This bipartisan, bicameral legislation would strengthen the U.S.’ cyber defenses and cybersecurity workforce by creating two new training programs within the federal government. One of the training programs would specifically recruit veterans for these in-demand jobs.” ‘Thompson, Keller rip Biden address on Afghanistan pullout’: The Bradford Era reports that Reps. Fred Keller (R-Snyder) and G.T. Thompson (R-Centre) criticized President Joe Biden’s speech on Tuesday following the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.  ‘Newtown 9/11 Ceremony To Honor First Responders Past and Present’: Newtown Patch reports that “Newtown is set to host a 9/11 memorial ceremony at Pickering Field to honor first responders past and present.” Former Gov. Mark Schweiker “is scheduled to be the featured speaker at the ceremony on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.” ‘Bucks County state lawmakers respond to Pa. Health Department order on mandatory school masking’: The Bucks Local News reports that “Bucks County state lawmakers are responding to an order issued on Tuesday by the Pennsylvania Department of Health mandating masking at all grade levels beginning Sept. 7. Here’s what they are saying:” ‘York County split on Gov. Tom Wolf’s new mask mandate’: The York Dispatch reports that “the debate over mask mandates continues across Pennsylvania in the wake of Gov. Tom Wolf new statewide mask mandate for schools and child care facilities Tuesday.” ‘Many in Chester County support school mask mandate’: The Daily Local News reports that “many parents and education officials in Chester County are welcoming the Department of Health’s order mandating masks for all students in Pennsylvania’s public and private schools, as well as child care facilities.” ‘Key Republican Flips On Allegheny County’s Paid Sick Time Bill, Setting It Up For Sept. 14 Vote’: WESA reports that “after an earlier paid sick leave proposal languished for nearly a year in an Allegheny County Council committee, the head of that panel says she now supports the policy, and will move quickly to pass a new version of it.” ‘County exec, health director praise school masking mandate’: The Pittsburgh Business Times reports that “Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and Allegheny County Health Director Dr. Debra Bogen on Wednesday praised the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s decision to require universal masking in schools to protect against the spread of Covid-19.” ‘‘Mad or nah?’: Philly residents react to the city welcoming Afghan refugees’: WHYY reports that “Tamara Russell, aka P.O.C., hit the streets of Philadelphia to talk with residents and gauge their attitudes toward the promise of help for Afghan evacuees.” ‘Philly is still refunding suburban commuters for their 2020 wage taxes’: The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that “Philadelphia has already paid back more than $81 million in wage taxes to suburban residents who worked from home last year instead of commuting to the city — and officials are still processing refund applications.” ‘A Census tale of 2 towns: Which population grew the most in York County? Which shrunk most?’: The York Daily Record reports that “Wellsville recorded the highest growth over the past decade, its population increasing by 24.4%. Meanwhile, Jefferson’s population dropped by 10.2%, the largest percentage drop in York County.” ‘Peduto: Hamlet ethics violations ‘concerning’’: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that “Mayor Bill Peduto on Wednesday said the report of ethical violations by Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Anthony Hamlet was “concerning” and calls into question whether he should remain the district’s leader moving forward.” ‘New DA Walsh ready to continue Vittone’s legacy’: The Observer-Reporter reports that “​​Jason Walsh, who was elevated to Washington County district attorney last week following the Aug. 21 death of Gene Vittone, said he wants to continue prosecuting major cases while battling the opioid epidemic that is once again claiming countless lives.” ‘Pittsburgh Police to use federal funds for electric bikes, cold cases’: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that “the Pittsburgh police force is poised to receive just under $342,000 in federal grants that officials say will be used for technology, electric bicycles and consultants on cold cases.” ‘Local unemployment rate dips slightly’: The Scranton Times-Tribune reports that “the local unemployment rate dropped one-tenth of a percentage point in July and the labor force improved for a second consecutive month, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.” ‘Delco Election Board member resigns’: The Delaware County Daily Times reports that “the Delaware County Board of Elections started its September meeting Wednesday with the announcement that one of the three board members, James J. Byrne Jr., had resigned last week.” ‘Residents Vs. Taney Street’: The Philadelphia Citizen reports that “in the wake of last year’s racial awakening, a group of engaged Taney Street residents sought to shed the racist history of the name. Here’s how they’re doing it.” Harrisburg & DC   AP: GOP lawmakers go to court to challenge mail-in voting lawAP: Pennsylvania’s carbon plan clears last regulatory hurdleAP: Parnell gets Trump endorsement in Pennsylvania Senate raceSpotlight PA: For the first time, Pa. Senate gives public online access to spending recordsPennsylvania Capital-Star: Pa. set to enter northeastern initiative limiting carbon from power plantsPennsylvania Capital-Star: Pa. Republicans eye constitutional amendment to restrict top health official, confine powersPennsylvania Capital-Star: How Pa. lawmakers, elected officials, and U.S. Senate hopefuls reacted to Texas abortion banPennsylvania Capital-Star: Gov. Wolf signs weather emergency proclamation, officials urge people to stay homeInquirer: Trump endorses Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania’s 2022 Senate raceInquirer: Horse deaths at Parx Racing are on pace to surpass 2019′s fatalitiesPatriot News: Pa. will require masks in schools: Questions and answers Patriot News: Pa. reports 3,100 new COVID-19 cases: daily updateKDKA: Governor Tom Wolf Activates Pennsylvania Air National Guard To Support Afghan Ally Refuge Efforts KDKA: COVID-19 In Pennsylvania: State Health Department Reports 3,100 New Cases, No Additional DeathsCity & State PA: Pennsylvania takes the final step toward joining RGGIPost-Gazette: Former President George W. Bush will be the speaker at Flight 93 Memorial on 9/11WESA: Former President George W. Bush To Reflect On 20th Anniversary Of 9/11 At Flight 93 MemorialStateImpactPA: Pa.’s RGGI rule, which would put a price on carbon dioxide, nears finish line after oversight board voteThe Hill: Trump endorses Parnell in Pennsylvania Senate racePittsburgh Business Times: Independent panel vote helps clear way for Pennsylvania to join RGGICNN: Trump endorses Parnell in Pennsylvania Senate race CNN: Democrats break ranks to back $24 billion boost to Pentagon budgetWTAE: COVID-19 transmission levels in Pennsylvania by county Philadelphia KYW Newsradio: In South Philly, HUD secretary announces major steps to increase affordable housingKYW Newsradio: UPDATE: Philly teachers union approves deal reached just hours before deadlineInquirer: Philly is still refunding suburban commuters for their 2020 wage taxesInquirer: Inside the PFT’s new contract: 3 years of raises for Philly teachersInquirer: Unvaccinated Americans shouldn’t travel for Labor Day weekend, CDC says; hospital capacity stable as cases rise locallyWHYY Newsworks: ‘Mad or nah?’: Philly residents react to the city welcoming Afghan refugeesWHYY Newsworks: Philly teachers poised to ink new ‘on time’ deal with 3% raisesPhiladelphia Citizen: Residents Vs. Taney StreetBilly Penn: Philly high school student: I’m ‘hopeful, scared, and nervous’ about return to school with ‘impossible’ rules and regulations SEPADaily Local News: Houlahan bill would create cybersecurity job training programs Daily Local News: Many in Chester County support school mask mandate Delco Daily Times: Overdose candlelight vigil brings overdoses out of the darkness Delco Daily Times: Delco Election Board member resigns Delco Daily Times: Delaware County prison low on COVID cases Delco Daily Times: Delco now at ‘high risk’ with rise in COVID casesNewtown Patch: Newtown 9/11 Ceremony To Honor First Responders Past and PresentInquirer: Delco jail guards are considering a strike after another worker was attackedBucks Local News: Bucks County state lawmakers respond to Pa. Health Department order on mandatory school masking Bucks Local News: Fitzpatrick announces grant for Bristol and Bensalem fire departmentsBucks County Courier Times: What’s to blame for the worker shortage situation in Bucks County?Bucks County Courier Times: Wolf orders resources to storm-weary Bucks County as Ida continues Pittsburgh WESA: Key Republican Flips On Allegheny County’s Paid Sick Time Bill, Setting It Up For Sept. 14 Vote  WESA: Allegheny County Paid Sick Time Proposal Awaits Further Review, With Vote At Least 2 Weeks Away WESA: Warden Responds To Criticism Over Allegheny County Jail’s Use Of Force Training, Weapons Contracts WESA: Gov. Wolf’s Health Department Mandates Masks For Schools, Child Care FacilitiesWESA: Pittsburgh Restaurants That Require Vaccination Report Business Is GoodPost-Gazette: Trump endorses Parnell in Pennsylvania Senate racePost-Gazette: Peduto: Hamlet ethics violations ‘concerning’Post-Gazette: Pittsburgh Police to use federal funds for electric bikes, cold cases Post-Gazette: Allegheny County Jail warden defends new guard training contractsPost-Gazette: Health officials see spike in COVID-19 cases among children in Allegheny CountyKDKA: Leaders In Allegheny County Applaud New School Mask Mandate KDKA: Allegheny County Officials Report No Deaths Or Injuries From Remnants Of Ida, But Leaders Say It’s Not Over Yet KDKA: COVID-19 In Pittsburgh: Allegheny County Reports 199 New Cases, 3 Additional DeathsPittsburgh Business Times: County exec, health director praise school masking mandatePittsburgh Business Times: County looks to increase flu vaccinations ahead of projections for bad year Tribune Review: Allegheny County Jail warden defends militaristic training contractsTribune Review: Covid cases in Westmoreland, Allegheny up for 2nd straight monthCity Paper: Movements against Critical Race Theory in Pittsburgh-area schools have ties to Republican organizing and right-wing media City Paper: Loser ex-president endorses Sean Parnell for senate … and lies in the process  SWPA Tribune Review: Former President Bush to speak at 20th anniversary of 9/11 in SomersetTribune Review: Westmoreland County makes changes to comply with Open Meeting LawObserver-Reporter: New DA Walsh ready to continue Vittone’s legacyObserver-Reporter: Programs can help those losing federal jobless benefitsObserver-Reporter: Public works, school districts prepare for remnants of hurricaneObserver-Reporter: Attorney for Uniontown man charged in Capitol riot hospitalized with COVID-19WESA: Former President George W. Bush To Reflect On 20th Anniversary Of 9/11 At Flight 93 MemorialJohnstown Tribune-Democrat: Pa. worker shortage lingering as economy struggles to regain steamJohnstown Tribune-Democrat: Daily COVID-19 update shows small dip; Cambria adds 37 casesAltoona Mirror: AgricultureAltoona Mirror: Blair considering labor attorney feesAltoona Mirror: Wolf mandates masks in schools NEPATimes-Tribune: Local unemployment rate dips slightly Times-Tribune: Lackawanna County Salary Board to meet for first time in 2021 Times-Tribune: Masking is required in Pennsylvania schools, Wolf announcesTimes-Tribune: Lackawanna County epidemiologist analyzing COVID-19 data, informing pandemic response Times-Tribune: NEPA sees highest one-day increase in COVID-19 cases since end of April The Times Leader: Luzerne County allowing weather-related leave for non-essential workers The Times Leader: 95 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Luzerne County on Wednesday; 3,100 statewideCitizens Voice: Almost 100 new COVID-19 cases reported in county South Central York Dispatch: York County split on Gov. Tom Wolf’s new mask mandateYork Dispatch: York County pauses to investigate controversial prison contractor York Daily Record: Pennsylvania couple desperate to get their family out of Afghanistan York Daily Record: A Census tale of 2 towns: Which population grew the most in York County? Which shrunk most?York Daily Record: Who is the Pennsylvania man speaking for MIA attorney of Capitol insurrection defendants?Carlisle Sentinel: DOH: 92 new COVID-19 cases for Cumberland County WednesdayPatriot News: Meet Harrisburg’s new community service aides, ‘Working for ways to connect everyone’ LNP | LancasterOnline: Lancaster County approves hiring and retention bonuses for Lancaster County Prison officersLNP | LancasterOnline: Lancaster County commissioners to vote on bonuses aimed at addressing “unprecedented” prison staff shortages LNP | LancasterOnline: ‘He threw a curveball at us’: Lancaster County school officials, parents react to Wolf’s school mask mandate  Lehigh Valley      Morning Call: Battle over masks in Pennsylvania schools heads to Legislature as Wolf administration order triggers tumultWFMZ: Northampton County executive candidate speaks out after viral video on school mask mandates WFMZ: Parents, students criticize mask mandate at meeting spearheaded by Northampton County executive candidateWFMZ: Northampton County to vote on $1.25M in small-business grants Reading Eagle: Berks adds 123 COVID cases in the daily update  North by NorthwestThe Bradford Era: Thompson, Keller rip Biden address on Afghanistan pulloutWilliamsport Sun-Gazette: Williamsport city council returns to remote-only meetings amid COVID spikeWilliamsport Sun-Gazette: Officials in Lycoming County offer resources near and far in wake of Hurricane IdaWilliamsport Sun-Gazette: Lycoming County commissioners respond to controller’s assertionsWilliamsport Sun-Gazette: Commissioners approve purchases for Lycoming County landfill, other needs Opinion  Paul Muschick: Why did Gov. 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Mississippi Libertarian Alden Johnson announces run for Congress

As previously reported, Johnson’s first campaign filing showed him raising $10 with $102 cash on hand. Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District race will be the most hotly contested in the state during the 2022 mid-terms. Incumbent Congressman Steven Palazzo (R) has already drawn three opponents in a Republican Primary, along with an Independent and a Libertarian. READ MORE: Mississippi Congressional Campaign Reporting Points to 2022 Mid-Term Challenges That Libertarian candidate is Alden Johnson. In July, Y’all Politics reported that Johnson has raised $10 and showed $102 cash of hand in his first Federal Election Commission campaign finance filing for June 2021. However, little was known about Johnson at the time. Johnson now has a campaign website up and running and is kicking off his Congressional campaign in earnest. The Libertarian is a firefighter in Petal who says he is “alarmed by Representative Steven Palazzo’s corruption, reckless spending, and lack of concern for the citizens he was elected to represent.” According to his campaign website, Johnson believes in actual liberty and limited government, unlike District 4’s incumbent. “As a libertarian,” the campaign states, “he stands apart from both Democrats and Republicans. His entry into politics is fueled by a desire to serve the great people of Mississippi with the integrity and common sense that so many politicians lack.” Born in Jackson, Johnson moved to Arkansas at an early age before returning to Mississippi. He attended Jones Community College for two years and worked at Forrest General Hospital as an ambassador. He became a Firefighter Recruit in 2015 and was selected, beginning work for the Hattiesburg Fire Department before becoming a Nationally Registered EMT and moving to the Petal Fire Department. He currently serves as a Lieutenant. Johnson has identified eight issues he plans to speak more about during the campaign, from healthcare to jury nullification to the 2nd Amendment. He believes insurance companies unnecessarily drive up the cost of healthcare and prescriptions and says it is time the U.S. should stop trying to be the world’s police. Johnson supports expanding nuclear energy and eliminating both the state and federal income tax. He believes if the “crime” has no victim, then there is no crime, giving marijuana as an example in “possessing a plant.” Johnson also supports abolishing the ATF and says, “Felons who have paid their debt to society and pose no threat to the general public deserve the ability to protect their families via firearm ownership.”

New Laws on Guns, Voting, Abortion, Marijuana & Street Racing Start in Texas

AUSTIN – Hundreds of new laws passed by the Texas Legislature and signed by the governor go into effect Sept. 1 and will affect all Texans in some way.  From improving the electric grid to restricting abortion to carrying guns to buying alcohol on Sundays; the legislature covered a lot of ground and supporters and critics are braced for change and challenges.  Here's a look at a few new laws taking effect Sept. 1:  Open Carry Texans over the age of 21 can now carry a firearm without first earning a permit as long as they don't have a criminal history.  HB-1927 eliminated the requirement that Texans obtain a license to carry a handgun in public.   Law enforcement representatives were concerned the law would put them at greater risk while 2nd amendment supporters who favor the legislation said open carry would make Texas safer.  Improving the Electric Grid SB-3  will require weatherization of all generation, transmission, and natural gas facilities and pipelines within the State of Texas. Failure to comply could mean getting hit with a $1,000,000 penalty, per day.  It will strengthen the state's prevention of and preparation for winter storm energy emergencies by establishing an emergency alert system so that Texans know when demand is exceeding supply. It also directs the Texas Department of Emergency Management to categorize winter storms similarly to how hurricanes are categorized.  SB-2 deals with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT. It's purpose is to reform the board, requiring the council's chairmen and board of directors to live in Texas.It also requires the chairman to be selected by the governor, who would then require Texas Senate confirmation. Further, all changes to ERCOT protocols would need to be presented to the Public Utility Commission of Texas before adoption. Abortions SB-8 ban abortions after an ultrasound can detect what lawmakers defined as a fetal heartbeat.That's as early as six weeks into a pregnancy when many people don't even know they're pregnant.Prior to this law taking effect, the amount of time people had to decide to undergo the procedure was set at 20 weeks into a pregnancy.Abortions rights advocates have said the new state law is the most restrictive ban on abortion in the nation. It's also expected to limit access to the procedure. Legislators also passed a 'trigger' law on abortions. If the United States Supreme Court overturns the 1973 landmark case Roe v. Wade, abortions in Texas would be outlawed completely.The law would go into effect 30 days after the case is overturned or if a constitutional amendment gives the states the authority to prohibit abortion. Alcohol Sales One alcohol-related item has already been law since May.  Alcohol to Go allows beer, wine and mixed drinks to be included in pickup and food delivery orders.It was first introduced in 2020 to help businesses when they closed their dining areas due to the pandemic. Back in May, the legislature approved HB-18 which also allows hotels to sell alcohol to guests at any time of day. And starting Sept. 1, Texans will be allowed to buy wine and beer in stores at 10 a.m. on Sunday, instead of waiting until noon, the requirement under the current law. Medicinal Marijuana Starting on Sept. 1, the medicinal marijuana laws will expand to include people with PTSD and cancer of all stages, allowing them to use "low-THC cannabis." For cancer patients, THC helps to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.According to figures from the Texas Department of State Health Services, the state's cannabis program served fewer than 6,000 people as of May.The new law will expand to include veterans with PTSD and an estimated 114,000 Texans who have cancer. Cops can now Seize Cars from Street Racers Street racing is already illegal in Texas, but now under HB-2315, law enforcement will have the power to seize vehicles involved in or intending to be involved in misdemeanor or felony highway racing, especially if the person involved is a repeat offender. It also allows law enforcement to seize vehicles and potentially forfeit them if anyone is killed or injured or if the driver was intoxicated. Vaccine Passports are Banned Effective immediately, vaccine passports are banned in Texas. Gov. Abbott signed a law back in June prohibiting any Texas business or government entity from requiring vaccine passports or any vaccine information.Those who violate the ban will be barred from state contracts and risk losing their licenses or permits. For a complete list of new Texas laws taking effect Sept. 1, check here.